A clear acrylic varnish with a durable satin or dead flat finish that protects decorative surfaces against finger marks, stains and scuffing

For interior emulsion wallpaper, fabric and plaster work. A revolutionary water based varnish for the protection of a wide range of decorative surfaces. 

Ideal for
• wallpaper • plaster • fabric • wood

Unique qualities
• water and stain resistant • durable • easy to apply • water wash up • water based • low odour • quick drying


All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, dirt, oil and contamination.


Ensure the product is well mixed. Apply thinly 1 or 2 coats of varnish. On porous surfaces dilute the first coat with 10% water.


Always test for clarity over dark colours. Application over emulsion paint can draw contaminants through the paint film. Should not be applied over uncured oil based products. Test for compatibility before application.


Brand: Polyvine

Size: 500ML

Type: Clear Coat

Coverage: 15-20m² /L

Overcoat Time: 15 minutes-1 hour

Polyvine Satin Varnish 500ML header image

£15.10Ex. VAT: £12.58

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