shellac wood polish

Shellac is a naturally occurring product which can be used as a sealer (see knotting and sanding sealer in our surface treatment section) or a polish top coat. Shellac polishes are fragile - the realm of fine furniture. They will bloom if they get hot or wet and the mark does not go. Shellac polishes are dissolved in methylated spirit. Do some research, or call us if you have not used them before.



Barrettine Button Polish

A high-quality polish suitable for antique wooden furniture

  • Suitable for use over stains and dyes
  • For use on antique furniture
  • High-quality finish

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Barrettine French Polish

A high quality polish used for renovating old wooden furniture

  • For use on high quality furniture
  • Applied by brush or cloth
  • Gives a rich high gloss finish

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Liberon Blonde Dewaxed Shellac Flakes

Shellac flakes suitable for use on antique furniture

  • Used to make up French Polishes
  • Suitable for antique restoration and furniture production
  • Easy to use
  • Transparent in colour
  • Ideal for lighter coloured woods

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Liberon Burnishing Cream

A reviving cream used on polished or varnished surfaces.

  • Cleans, revives and rejuvenates polished interior surfaces
  • Removes haze and bloom from modern finishes
  • Suitable for antique and modern furniture
  • Cleans most surfaces

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