A base coat for new joinery decking, cladding, fascias, garden furniture & garden buildings.

  • Used on interior/exterior softwood and hardwood substrates
  • Satin finish
  • Ideal as a base stain on new joinery to then be treated with Sadolin Extra
  • Absorbs deeply into the timber to provide exceptional weather protection


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Extra Durable

A finishing or maintenance coat for exterior joinery, ie. windows, doors and conservatories.

  • Finishing coat
  • Durable woodstain for all softwood and hardwood
  • Not suitable for areas subject to heavy wear/abrasion e.g. decking
  • Flexible and water repellent
  • For optimum durability on new wood, use Sadolin Classic as a base coat


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A highly durable opaque finish for all exterior timber (except decking).

  • Finishing coat for exterior hardwood and softwood
  • Satin
  • Water based and quick drying
  • Flexible and weather resistant




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Wood Preserver

A wood preservative for use against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects.

  • For all non-durable timber
  • Use on interior & exterior wood out of ground contact, or out of surface water contact
  • Exterior timber must be subsequently coated with an exterior woodstain or paint




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QD Wood Preserver

An ideal preservative treatment for both interior and exterior bare and new timber.

  • Water based
  • Fast drying alternative to spirit based wood preserver
  • For all non-durable timber
  • Exterior timber must be coated with a subsequent woodstain or paint
  • Overcoatable in 24 hours



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PV67 Varnish

A two-pack varnish ideal for areas that receive severe abrasion. 

  • Commercial, two-pack varnish
  • Gloss or satin finish
  • Suitable for bar tops, heavy traffic floor areas etc
  • Not suitable for use on laminate




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