Sadolin Classic & Extra Durable

Sadolin Classic is a general purpose woodstain suitable as a two coat application for planed and rough sawn timber cladding, and is also an ideal basecoat for timber joinery to be subsequently finished with two coats of Sadolin Extra.

Sadolin Extra is a durable finishing coat for windows, doors and other exterior joinery. For optimum performance on new timber use in conjunction with a base coat of Sadolin Classic. To retain and lift colour use a coat of Extra Durable Clearcoat.

Ready Mixed Colours

Not all ready mixed colours are stocked, but the majority are.

Untreated Natural Light Oak Antique Pine Burma Teak African Walnut
Redwood Mais Mahogany Teak Rosewood Jacobean Walnut
Dark Palisander Ebony Red

*Colour 'Red' is only available in Sadolin Classic Buy Sadolin Extra Buy Sadolin Classic

Tinted Colours

White Birch Opal White Peach White Concord Grape Smoky Mountain Satin Lilac
Winter Ice Gossamer Blue Dover Grey Chicago Grey Gregorian Grey Slate Grey
Catalina Grey Volcanic Ash Alumina La Marne Smoky Blue Autumn Leaf
Celery Leaf Bonanza Saucy Green Grass Green Leaf Green Ponderosa Pine
Amazonian Deep Green Eucalyptus Smoky Olive Mangrove Dark Olive
Carolina Stone Faded Denim Northern Pike Zodiac Blue Lancelot Blueberry
Deep Blue French Navy African Violet Peach Taffy Copper Wash Butterscotch
Caramel Crisp Brandy Wine Peacokc Copper Red Pepper Talon Woodruff

Following colours are only available in Sadolin Classic: White Birch, Opal White, Peach White, Concord Grape, Smoky Mountain, Winter Ice, Gossamer Blue, Dover Grey, Chicago Grey, Alumina, & Peach Taffy

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Sadolin Superdec

Sadolin superdec is a highly flexible satin opaque wood finish for exterior use. Solid colours are ideal for use on visually poorer quality timber surfaces when a translucent stain will often highlight any blemishes. An opaque finish hides the timber's imperfections while still allowing the natural texture to be retained.

Super White Black Walnut Whisper Grey Ripple Grey Concord Grape
Burlesque Brandy Alexander Bleached Oak Monaco Limestone Dill Pickle
Antler Brown Jungle Green Amazonian Lapis Lazuli Marina Wild Grape
Butterscotch Caramel Crisp Rose Smoke Burnt Plum Cappuchino Gingerbread
Volcanic Ash Carolina Stone Obsidian Eminence Speculum Asteroid
Hemlock Fali Straw California Gold Pea Green Clover Leaf Hudson Bay
Rain Forest Ponderosa Pine Sargasso Sea Bright Blue Shaman Blueberry
Toasted Almond Brickwork Red Pepper Lignite Coffee Bean Cherrywood


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