Dry Flex 16 is ideal for permanent small and medium repairs which can be sanded and painted on the same day. It can be used from 0-35°C so is suitable for use all year round. Use Dry Fix Uni before application to ensure maximum adhesion to the substrate.

Suitable for:

  • Permanent repair of decaying and rotten wood, including windows, doors, fascias/soffits, stairs and furniture
  • Quick emergency repair of damaged wood
  • Filling of cracks and gaps
  • External and internal application

Processing temperature: 10-35°C

Repair thickness: 5-50mm

Typical curing time: 16 hours

Content: 300ml + 100ml


  • Quick and easy to apply with excellent modelling qualities and slump resistance
  • Permanent, elastic repairs. The cured product accommodates natural movement in the timber
  • Short curing time: can be sanded and painted after 16 hour*
  • Once cured, the product can be treated like wood (planed, sawn, nailed, screwed, painted and stained)
  • Can be used all year round

*This is the typical curing time for a repair 1cm thick applied at 20°C. Temperature and humidity may affect curing time


  1. Remove all decayed wood and pre-treat with Dry Fix Uni
  2. Dispense Dry Flex 16 on to a mixing plate with a dosing gun
  3. Mix component A (green) and component B (transparent) with an application knife until a uniform colour is reached
  4. Spread the mixed Dry Flex 16 in a thin layer over the mixing plate (to extend the application period)
  5. Apply Dry Flex 16 and immediately remove excess product
  6. When cured, sand the surface lightly before applying a paint or stain

Brand: Repair Care

Size: 400ML

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