Dry Fix Uni is a universal stabiliser ensuring maximum adhesion between any Dry Flex repair product and the substrate.

Processing temperature: 0-35°C

Content: 200ml + 100ml

Penetration time: 20-45 minutes


  • Ensures maximum adhesion between any Dry Flex repair product and the substrate
  • Repairs with any Dry Flex product can be completed up to 24 hours after application of Dry Fix Uni
  • Low viscosity and solvent free to penetrate quickly and deeply into the wood
  • Easy to apply with a brush
  • Extra-long processing time of 1 hour
  • Simple and clean dosing and sealing


  1. Shake component A (transparent) well before use
  2. Pour component A (using the calibrations on the side of the bottle) into a clean mixing cup
  3. Pour component B (using the calibrations on the side of the bottle) into the same mixing cup
  4. Mix well together. Apply Dry Fix Uni to all contact surfaces
  5. Allow the product 20 to 45 minutes to penetrate
  6. Remove all excess product which hasn't penetrate into the wood with absorbent paper
  7. Apply a Dry Flex product within 24 hours to the pre-treated wood while the Dry Fix Uni is still tacky

Brand: Repair Care

Size: 300ML

Repair Care Dry Fix Uni 300ML header image

£64.67Ex. VAT: £53.89

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