This is the top coat of  a simple two part clear acrylic system which faithfully reproduces the regular crazed pattern associated with old porcelain glazes. These products work over the top of painted or gilded surfaces.
Please note that you need to buy both the base coat and the top coat to create the effect.
The crackle effect produced by craquelure can be accentuated with a crack highlighter which is available in either white or dark brown for a truly aged finish. Dark wax or dark paint is also suitable.


Brand: Polyvine

Size: 500ML

Type: Translucent Top Coat

Coverage: 8m² /L

Overcoat Time: 15 minutes-1 hour

Polyvine Craquelure Topcoat 500ML header image

£15.97Ex. VAT: £13.31

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