For all interior use, especially recommended for wood flooring.

Provides an even colour tone for a harmonious finish.

Water-repellent, dirt-resistant and durable.

1 litre covers approx 30 m² with 1 coat

Number of coats: Only 1 coat for wooden flooring. Second coat with clear Polyx Oil. For a transparent optic, apply thinly along the wood grain and brush out thoroughly.

Oils, such as the clear Polyx Oil, accentuate the natural colour and grain of the wood (permanent wet look). The new 3044 Polyx Oil Raw counters this exaggeration of the wood's colour, leaving the surface looking as near to natural as possible.

The finish is close to being invisible to the eye and retains as much of the wood's natural colour as possible.


Brand: Osmo

Size: 2.5L

Type: Translucent Top Coat

Coverage: 24m² /L

Overcoat Time: 8 hours

Osmo Polyx Oil Tints White 3040 2.5L header image

£126.86Ex. VAT: £105.72

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