Osmo's gard clean is a specially developed cleaning and disinfecting concentrate for the easy removal of green growth and similar natural dirt and stains on garden furniture made of wood or plastic, as well as cladding made of stone, plastic, concrete and panels.

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Osmo's gard clean is suitable for treated and untreated wood surfaces. Even cleans through surface scratches, grooves and indentations.

Coverage: 30-100m² per litre (depending on level of growth)

Application: Depending on the level of growth, apply product directly or diluted (with maximum 10 parts water) with a brush, watering can or pump sprayer onto the dried surface. Do not rinse with water. The green growth will disappear by itself generally after 24 hours. If some growth is still present, repeat process. The surface only needs to be rinsed with water directly before it is recoated


  • Clears away green growth and other natural soiling thoroughly, quickly, gently and automatically
  • Low odour and prevents new growth
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