Wallpaper is made in batches so it is important to let you know that many wallpaper suppliers to do not accept returns. Some will accept a minimum return of 3 rolls of same pattern, same colourway.

Always check the terms and conditions when you order. To avoid costly mistakes it can be better to order slightly less than you need and ask for the balance to be held "on reserve". This service is free of charge and rolls will be held for about 14 days - just ask. This means you should not have to order too far in advance - most paper comes into stock in about 48 hours and if you order weeks in advance it could be very difficult to get hold of rolls of the same batch if you run short.

Measuring accurately is really important. Measure the room around the skirting board and then take a measurement to the highest part of the ceiling. Then we, or you, can calculate how much paper you will need. This is one of the times that working in meters or centimeters makes life so much easier so the following chart should encourage you to use metric units

Do not take into account doors and window as it is very unlikley that you will be able to save any paper - these openings hardly ever fall in an advantageous place.

wallpaper roll calculator


Work out the middle of the most prominent wall as this is the best place to start for pattern positioning.

This is the best, albeit non-verbal explanation of how to hang a half drop repeat:

explanation of a half drop repeat

NB every other drop is the same.

Buying wallpaper from us

Please ring us to ask about our wallpaper services. Unfortunately at this time we are not selling them on our website.