Wallpaper Pictured: Aloe Walk Glass

Paint & Paper Library's new wallpaper collection ‘Tresco’ has been designed by artist Hugo Dalton and curated by their team of colourists. The Tresco collection is a new, beguiling wallpaper collection inspired by the artist's time spent in Tresco, a private island located in the Isles of Scilly. Encompassing a mixture of traditional and digital printing techniques, the new wallpaper collection features eight unique designs printed in a multitude of colourways taken from the existing Paint & Paper Library colour palette. 

A-Z of Paint & Paper Library Wallpapers

Abbey Garden Tresco £218
Aeonium Tresco £111
Aloe Walk Tresco £310
Archipelago Tresco £118
Buds Tresco £118
Chart Tresco £310
Feather Flora Botany £191
Folia Botany £218
Hardy Palm Botany £118
Honesty Botany £111
Jangala Botany £274
Lighthouse Palm Tresco £118
Marquetry Tile Botany £111
Protea Trail Tresco £118
Quatrefoil Botany £118
Seedpod Botany £111
Tropicane Botany £118
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