All-Purpose Adhesive: can be either a flake sachet or a ready-mixed paste. Safe to use with most wallcoverings but not all - check the wallpapers manufacturers' instructions.

Flake pastes are made up into cold water.

Starch Adhesive: Flake adhesives are nomally based on potato starch, ready-mixed are often based on maize starch. A lot of expensive, designer brands recommend the use of maize based paste so look out for it on the instructions - ours is the Prepared Tub Paste. Wallcovering adhesives are typically water-based and solvent-free.

Papering a kitchen or bathroom? Always use a strong, ready-mixed adhesive suitable for high temperatures and high humidity.

Fungicide: Some pastes contain fungicide to resist mould and mildew. The packaging and the health and safety data will indicate whether a product has fungicide in it.



Beeline Primer Sealer

An adhesion primer for putting wallpaper over

  • Designed to promote adhesion
  • Can be overcoated in wallpaper or emulsion
  • Reduces seam splits, raised edges and bubbling
  • Seals absorbent materials
  • Provides a key to non-absorbent surfaces

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Beeline Ready Mixed Medium Grade Adhesive

An all purpose ready mixed adhesive

  • Specially formulated liquid adhesive
  • Wont shrink textiles or fabrics
  • Perfect for specialty wallcoverings
  • Provides a strong bond
  • Contains fire retardant
  • Has added PVA for high initial tack

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Beeline Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive

An adhesive suited to vinyl wallpapers

  • Formulated for all wallpaper weights
  • Specially formulated for vinyl wallcovering
  • Contains an easy to use dilution guide
  • Adhesive dilutes to meet the requirements of the wallpaper
  • Provides a high initial tack
  • Excellent non slip properties

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Farrow and Ball Wallpaper Paste

A powder wallpaper paste suited to Farrow and Ball wallpapers

  • Low alkalinity
  • Doesn’t affect the finish of the paper
  • Perfect for Farrow and Ball wallpapers
  • Supplied in a tube which doubles as a measuring jug
  • Can hang up to 5 rolls from 1 tube

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Solvite Extra Strong Paste

An extra strong powder adhesive

  • Powder adhesive
  • Hangs up to 10 rolls
  • Easy to prepare
  • Can be applied to the paper
  • Has an added fungicide

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Solvite Repair Adhesive

An extra strong repair adhesive

  • Extra strong
  • Easy-spread formula
  • 56g tube

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Solvite Paste the Wall Adhesive

Wallpaper adhesive that doesn't require a table

  • Suitable for paste the wall and non-woven wall coverings
  • Eliminates the need for a pasting table
  • Covers up to 5 rolls

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