All-Purpose Adhesive: can be either a flake sachet or a ready-mixed paste. Safe to use with most wallcoverings but not all - check the wallpapers manufacturers' instructions.

Flake pastes are made up into cold water.

Starch Adhesive: Flake adhesives are nomally based on potato starch, ready-mixed are often based on maize starch. A lot of expensive, designer brands recommend the use of maize based paste so look out for it on the instructions - ours is the Prepared Tub Paste. Wallcovering adhesives are typically water-based and solvent-free.

Border or Overlap Adhesive: generally contains PVA so it it will adhere to a painted surface or a vinyl wallcovering. Normally ready-mixed. Adhesives which contain PVA, a glue, are harder to remove than those which only contain starch.

Papering a kitchen or bathroom? Always use a strong, ready-mixed adhesive suitable for high temperatures and high humidity.

Fungicide: Some pastes contain fungicide to resist mould and mildew. The packaging and the health and safety data will indicate whether a product has fungicide in it.