Net-Trol is a powerful wood cleaner and brightener which restores greyed and weathered wood to its natural colour without damaging the wood’s fibres. It effortlessly removes both surface and ground in dirt leaving the wood looking bright and vibrant. Net-Trol is fast acting and can restore the original colour of your wood surface in as little as 15 minutes with no laborious and backbreaking sanding.

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Net-Trol is safe to use on all exterior wood types and is also an excellent degreaser for use on tropical hardwoods to allow finishes to penetrate. Net-Trol can remove stains caused by tannin bleed and will remove all traces of weathering caused by mildew, pollution and UV rays. It will also neutralise wood surfaces which have been stripped with a stripping product, leaving the surface ready for applying your chosen finish.

Net-Trol is not only for use on wood surfaces though – you can also use it to restore the lustre to faded plastics dulled by weathering and UV rays. It can also be used to remove rust stains and to clean discoloured stone and cement. Net-Trol is biodegradable and does not contain solvents or bleach. It’s not harmful to plants and shrubs so it’s safe to use in the garden.


  • Lightens and restores colour to all greyed, weathered wood without bleaching
  • Non-aggressive – harmless to plants, shrubs and surface being cleaned
  • Can clean and rejuvenate, plastic, gel coat, stone and cement
  • Fast-acting – restores wood to its natural colour in just 15 minutes
  • Can be used as a neutraliser after using a paint stripper


Wood, stone and concrete: 

  1. First wet the surface with fresh, clean water
  2. Apply Net-Trol with a synthetic brush or roller (medium or long pile)
  3. Scrub the surface with a stiff nylon/synthetic brush
  4. Leave to stand for approx 10-20 minutes. With wood - if the surface starts to dry, dampen with a mist application of water
  5. Scrub the surface whilst rinsing with water or use a pressure washer (max. 60 bar)
  6. If required repeat procedure
  7. Allow to dry for 48 hours or until it meets the moisture content required by the chosen finish before finishing

Plastic or rust:

  1. First wet the surface with fresh clean water
  2. Apply Net-Trol using a brush
  3. Leave it to work for 10 minutes
  4. Scrub the surface with a soft or medium nylon scrubbing brush for plastic or stiff nylon scrubbing brush for rust.
  5. Rinse with large amounts of fresh clean water
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