Blackfriar Anti-Mould Solution is for use against fungi, mould and algae on internal and external surfaces such as masonry and tiles. It can be applied by brush or spray.

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Blackfriar Anti-Mould Solution kills mould and inhibits regrowth. Use it inside and out to eliminate unsightly mould prior to decorating on many surfaces including tiles, plaster, wallpaper, paving slabs and slate.


  • Powerful mould killing solution. 
  • Use on tiles, plaster, wallpaper, paving slabs, marble and more. 
  • Odourless. 
  • Interior and exterior use.
  • Water based


For interior use: dilute Blackfriar Anti-Mould Solution with equal parts water and apply 1 coat by brush or spray. Apply 2 coats if mould growth is severe.

For exterior use: apply 1 coat undiluted by brush or spray. Remove any dry residue by high pressure hosing or brushing. Some moulds discolour the substrate. Blackfriar Anti-Mould Solution does not remove the stain.

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