Peel Away 7 is comprised of a ready mixed paste to be spread over the painted surface. The Peel Away blanket is then laid over the paste to delay the drying process and extend the active time of the product. After 12-24 hours the blanket can be removed. The surface should be washed down with water.

This product is suitable for removing more modern layers of oil or household paints. It is particularly suitable for detailed, ornate and intricate surfaces inlcuding carvings, plasterwork, woodwork and ironwork. Peelaway 7 is also suitable for brickwork, marble, aluminium and marine glass fibre.

Coverage: The amount of Peel Away 7 needed for a project depends on type and thickness of paint. As a rule of thumb, 1kg of Peel Away covers 1.0SqMtr at 1-2mm thickness. Generally 10kg will cover approximately 8-10SqMtrs.


Brand: Peelaway

Size: 750G

Peelaway Peelaway 7 Paint Stripper 750G header image

£24.32Ex. VAT: £20.27

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