Peelaway 7 paste is formulated to safely remove multi-layers of most architectural and domestic paints as well as many industrial coatings.

Peelaway 7 can be used on virtually all interior and exterior surfaces, vertical and overhead and is excellent for intricate, carved and moulded surfaces. The paste is applied by spatula, brush, trowel or sprayed over the surface to be stripped, and covered with the Peelaway poultice blanket for the required time (dwell time). When stripping is complete the blanket, paste and paint are removed with the cover retaining paint which may contain toxic particles from the old paint preventing them becoming airborne. When spraying dilute up to 1 part water to 5 parts Peelaway 7. Where Peelaway 7 has started to dry out within the tub, adding small amounts of water at a time whilst mixing will return the paste to its original consistency. Always carry out a test patch first using the sample packs.


  • Architecturally specified
  • Methylene Chloride free
  • Environmentally safer formulation
  • Easily removes up to 20 coats of architectural, domestic, industrial & marine coatings with no dangerous fumes or toxic particles
  • A New modern alternative for Peelaway 1 that does not require neutralising on application
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