A fast setting, high performance wood filler for the filling of a hole any size or depth.

Key information

Pack sizes
250gm, 500gm, 750gm

Application information

As required
Touch dry
Dependent upon temperature / humidity
This product should not be thinned.

Key benefits

  • Gives permanent weather resistant repair.
  • Can be screwed, sanded, filled and painted.
  • Resists shrinking, splitting and cracking.
  • Fills holes of any size or depth (under normal conditions).

System information

To get the best results with Cuprinol Ultra Tough Wood Filler, make sure surfaces to be filled are sound, clean and dry.

Stir well before use. Remove all existing finishes and apply filler with a suitable filling knife. For deep holes build up in layers. Leave proud and when fully hardened sand down and dust off.

Finish with stain, varnish or paint. When overpainted, stained or varnished the filled area may differ in appearance to the surrounding area, therefore we recommend filling and finishing a small test area first to ensure that the finish is acceptable..

After use, remove as much product as possible from application equipment, before cleaning with Polycell Trade Brush Cleaner.


Brand: Cuprinol Trade

Size: 250G

Type: Filler

Cuprinol Trade Ultra Tough 2-pack Wood Filler 250G header image

£11.99Ex. VAT: £9.99

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