G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound removes P1500 abrasive marks quickly and easily with no fillers.  It is a first-stage cutting compound with an aggressive cut to remove surface defects and abrasive sanding marks.

Suitable for all paints, including classic cars and motorbikes,  

Great on Medium Solids and High Solids paint systems and Air Dried 2k paint systems (well cured).

High gloss finish -can be used with G10 Finishing Compound for an enhanced gloss finish

Silicone free - can be used in bodyshops and applied where paints are used nearbye

Proven over 20 years in the trade

Brand: Farecla

Size: 400G

Farecla G3 Regular Grade Paste 400G header image

£16.40Ex. VAT: £13.67

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