Gilding or Gilt Cream is a mixture of bronze powders mixed into a paste wax with a little turpentine. They are available in different metallic colours. The surface should be sealed first - there are suggestions on the data sheet. Paste wax or beeswax is also suitable. The creams can be applied thickly or wiped on with a finger for a translucent metallic sheen.

  • Bronze powders are very versatile:
  • Push gently onto prepared water based gold size with a soft brush for a dense metallic finish
  • Mix into solvent based varnish to make a metallic paint.
  • Combine with wax to make gilt cream.
  • All products based on bronze powders will tarnish and should be sealed. Use a top coat of wax, varnish or shellac as appropriate.

Colour Charts

Liberon Gilt Cream Colour Chart