Mica Silver (and Mica Gold) should not be mixed with paint but combined with Earthborn Wall Glaze diluted with water. The resultant solution can then be used as a wash. The best results are achieved when the underlying surface is not totally smooth.These coarse textured metallics require direct spot lighting to sparkle and will not do so under low-energy fluorescent lighting.

Earthborn pigments are UV-resistant and all are lime resistant.
All the pigments are free of poisonous heavy metals.
- Preparation
These powder pigments must be made into a paste before use as follows:
For Earthborn Wall Glaze (or any other glazing medium for that matter), Emulsion or Claypaint soak pigment in enough water to cover the powder, preferably overnight, and stir to create a free flowing liquid paste.
When mixing pigments into any medium, always make a note of the amounts used.
Avoid contact with clothing as pigments may permanently stain fabrics.
- Application:
Add the prepared paste to the medium and stir well (a mixing tool attached to an electric drill is recommended).
Adding to a white paint will produce a diluted (pastel) shade of the pigment colour whilst adding to a clear medium such as Earthborn Wall Glaze will provide a true but transparent colour.

Please also read the data sheet.


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