glaze for paint effects

Simple broken colour paint effects such as colour washing, rag rolling and sponging are relatively easy to achieve, however perhaps more advanced techniques should be left to the experts. Do some reading first. There are lots of books as well how-to videos.

Scumble glaze plays an essential part in well-executed paint effects. It is a relatively slow-drying, slippery medium that may be coloured with paint or pigment. Polvyine Classic Colour is specifically formulated to be coloured with emulsion paint and Polyvine Acrylic Scumble is designed to be coloured with colourisers. Earthborn Wallglaze should be coloured with their beaufiful pigments. Polyvine products are water-based modified acrylic resins and Earthborn is a combination of wax and oils - although it is also water-mixed.

Decorators Varnish is a versatile, low-build, clear water based coating which will protect fragile paint effects on walls and on furniture, protect paint in heavy traffic areas and even protect wallpaper - although always do a test patch first. It can be found on our Clear Sealers page.