Decorative Colour Matching

Quite often you may find yourself in a position of not knowing the name of a colour you like that you want more of. Maybe you lost the previous can, accidentally painted over the label, or never knew the colour.

If you bring in a piece of whatever you wish to paint (a drawer, large paint flakes, old can etc), we can find a match to that colour.

Dulux colours can be matched with the 'Magic Eye' spectrophotometer in store, giving us accurate suggestions in Dulux's massive colour range.

The majority of our colour matching is however done with something very sensitive to colour - the human eye. Our staff are experts at matching and will always try to find you the right colour in a brand and paint that suits your purpose.

Industrial Colour Matching

We also offer a colour matching service for industrial applications. Primarily we would use international standard paint colour charts, such as RAL and British Standard as these are available in a large range of products. We can also do commercial vehicle, classic car and agricultural colours in many finishes so finding a match is always possible.

A bespoke colour matching service is available (custom tint), but this can be a very time consuming process and we cannot guarantee a 100% colour match. Depending on the quantity of product required there may be a fee to cover labour.

For more information and if you would like a colour match please contact us.