We are often asked by our customers if we can recommend a decorator to do work for them. With hundreds of decorators holding an account with us, we are always happy to pass on an enquiry, helping you and them!

We are pleased to say that we now have a new system to do this - with already nearly 50 decorators opting in to receive enquiries.

Please follow the link below and contact decorators you think look suitable for the job you require. We and they would greatly appreciate if you could mention that you found them via this website.

Information shown:

  1. Name & contact details
  2. Website
  3. Brief company description and type of work
  4. Area 
  5. Number of painters/employees
  6. Specialities and exclusions
  7. Availability

Terms & Conditions

The list is sorted alphabetically by company name. It is composed of decorators who have long held accounts with Bailey Paints Ltd. Each has specifically let us know they are available and are looking for enquiries and work.
Any contract or agreement made, or work conducted as a result of an enquiry from this list is between you and the third party. Bailey Paints offers this referral service free of charge and does not accept responsibility for any third party's actions.
We would appreciate your feedback if you use this service and found it useful. Similarly, if you have a negative experience as a result of an enquiry from this list please contact us on 01453 882237 or email info@baileypaints.co.uk