It is important to know the difference between lacquered and unlacquered tins, and what can go in either. If you put certain products in the wrong can they can react with either the metal or the lacquer on the inside of the can, either rusting or dissolving, which is not what you want to happen to your paint.


  • Water based paints
  • Etch primers


  • Strong solvents
  • Cellulose
  • Oil based paint

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Lacquered Tins

Tins suitable for storing water based paints

Interior: lacquered - suitable for water based finishes

Exterior: white

Lever lid included

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Un-lacquered Tins

Tins suitable for storing solvent based paints

    Interior: un-lacquered - use with solvent based finishes only

    Exterior: white

    Lever lid included

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Rectangular Un-lacquered Tins

Tins suitable for storing paint thinners

    Interior: plain, unlacquered

    Exterior: white

    Use with solvent-based finishes only

    Screw top lid included

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Empty tins and containers are large, bulky, light but low value. Due to these factors, we are unable to offer free delivery on any size order of these items, and additional delivery charges may be required to cover carriage charges of additional boxes. Please feel free to contact us for a customised quote which will be based on tin sizes and quantity. If you place an order for tins/containers we will contact you if additional carriage costs are required, at which point you can proceed with the order or request a refund.

Please see our Delivery Terms and Conditions Exclusions for more details.

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