Containers and measuring cups ideal for measuring or storing paint and other liquids.



Bailey Paints Aeroflow Tap

A tap for 25L bottles and containers

  • Fits on 25L platic bottles
  • Screws on where the cap would go
  • Helps in pouring large amounts of solvents

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Bailey Paints Bottle With Top

A plastic bottle used for storing solvents

  • Rectangular HDPE Jerrican.
  • Suitable for storing solvents.
  • 38mm neck

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Farecla Clear Measuring Cup

Disposable plastic measuring cups

  • Solvent proof mixing cup
  • calibrated with volumetric measurement scales
  • Clearly marked mixing ratios
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to pour and stack

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Farecla Waxed Cardboard Mixing Cups

Disposable cardboard cups used for mixing

  • Throw away cups for mixing paint
  • Graduated marking for easy measuring
  • Suitable for use with solvent and water based paint 600ml size

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Kana Plastic Kettle

Plastic paint kettle to hold small amounts of paint

  • Durable plastic
  • Enables painting with more manageable quantities.
  • Lids are also available

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Kana Galvanised Paint Kettle

Galvanised paint kettle to hold small amounts of paint

  • Galvanised kettle
  • Enables painting with more manageable quantities.
  • 2L size
  • Suitable for solvent based paints

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Axus Flex-E Bowl

An easy filler mixing bowl

  • Squeezable bowl that allows easy clean-up of set materials
  • 110mm diameter
  • 600ml capacity
  • Used for mixing fillers

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Empty tins and containers are large, bulky, light but low value. Due to these factors, we are unable to offer free delivery on any size order of these items, and additional delivery charges may be required to cover carriage charges of additional boxes. Please feel free to contact us for a customised quote which will be based on tin sizes and quantity. If you place an order for tins/containers we will contact you if additional carriage costs are required, at which point you can proceed with the order or request a refund.

Please see our Delivery Terms and Conditions Exclusions for more details.

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