I am sure you have all heard of Dulux. Perhaps you didn’t know they are owned by a much larger company called Akzo Nobel, who also own a range of paint branded under Glidden.

We are stockists of both Dulux Trade and Glidden Trade. The ‘Trade’ part is important - it refers to higher quality paint systems that differ from the retail products you may see in large DIY stores. Designed for trade users, but available for everyone, they have benefits such as better coverage and durability which are well worth the price. You'll have to use less overall paint, and the finish will last longer.

Dulux Trade

Dulux Trade has been revamped into a new brand built around their dynamic colour flourish logo. They have designed their cans to help you identify the product just by looking at it.

The Dulux Trade Weathershield system has helpful icons on the cans to identify their key features. These products are specifically for exterior use. Check out our stocked Dulux Trade Weathershield products page for the entire range.

Dulux Trade Woodcare is also being simplified and integrated into the Dulux Trade master brand from Akzo Nobel. The colour coding system is also used here. The pack colour differentiates the product for easy selection at a glance. For example, green for Classic Select, and brown for the Ultimate Range.

The colour swoosh and finish text differentiates the finish. Orange for Woodstains, green for Opaques and yellow for Varnishes.



Glidden Trade is being completely rebranded and is now called Armstead. Please be aware for a short period when ordering Armstead you may receive Glidden cans as they are phased out of stock.

The new look Armstead Trade range is distinctive yet simple. Designed with the customer in mind again, facilitating easy navigation at fixture and identifying clear product benefits.

Colour is used to differentiate, and matches the Dulux Trade palette. Satins are purple, Silks are green, Soft Sheens are teal, and Matts are Blue. Oil based paints use reds and oranges so it is easy to make sure you are picking what you wanted.

Differences between Dulux & Armstead

The key difference between these two brands is price. Armstead is your go to if you are working to a budget, but you will sacrifice some quality. On the other hand, Dulux Trade will be more expensive but the product and colour range has no equal.

Feel free to contact us if you would like any more information or help in choosing between and we can advise which would be best based on your intended use of the product.


Dulux has a huge range of colours to choose from. You can either order a colour card, or see a large proportion of these colours on our Dulux Trade Colour Range page.

Please let us know what you think of these changes via Twitter and Facebook. Do you like the new cans? Do the colour systems make sense to you?

Feel free to ask us any questions via these channels, email, or by phone!