High-performance protective coatings are specifically designed to protect the surface they are painted on, for long periods of time, often in harsh conditions.


Sigmacover 256
Two component, high build, polyamide cured, recoatable, zinc phosphate epoxy primer. General purpose epoxy primer/build coat for steel and concrete. 

Sigmacover 280
Two component, polyamide cured epoxy primer. Offers better adhesion than Sigmacover 256, so normally used when shot blasting is not possible. General purpose epoxy primer for steel and non-ferrous metals. 


Sigmacover 456
Two component, high build, polyamide cured, recoatable epoxy coating. General purpose epoxy build coat/finish in protective coatings for steel/concrete exposed to atmospheric land or marine conditions. 

Sigmacover 540
Two component, high gloss, epoxy acrylic finish coating. Isocyanate free.

Sigmacover 550
Two component, gloss, acrylic polyurethane finish coating. Higher performance product than Sigmacover 540 but contains iso-cyanates. 

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