Cellulose Paint Aerosols

Are really good for touching up powder coating, both during manufacture and on-site. Cellulose paint is very fast drying, durable and sticks well to fresh powder. The fast drying time makes it difficult to brush cellulose, even on a small area. An aerosol gives a much better finish. When touching up scratches or small ‘chips’  a primer is not required. Before re-touching lightly abrade the immediate area surrounding the damage with fine abrasive paper. We stock a limited range of ready mixed cellulose aerosols in black and white and primers. We can make a 1 x 400 ml aerosol in any RAL or BS paint colour and in any gloss level. Each aerosol spray can contains 100 ml of paint, so is enough to do approximately 1 sq metre in one coat. We would normally recommend two coats, but strong colours may require an additional coat to get full opacity. We do match customer special colours but please note that there is a tinting charge as this is a very time-consuming process.

Classic Car/Classic Vehicle Restoration

Cellulose is easy to use. It is normally touch dry in 10-15 minutes, it is possible to apply multiple coats in a short period of time which can then be polished to a high gloss. Cellulose gives a more authentic finish on old vehicles than more modern synthetic or 2 pack finishes. It is essential to use a primer if applying to bare metal:-on bare steel use a cellulose primer e.g Promatic grey primer. On non-ferrous metals we recommend Upol Acid 8 Etch Primer.

UPVC Coatings 

These are quite difficult to touch-up or repair as many paints will not stick to PVC.  Some customers use cellulose, but we have found the best product is HMG PVC 94. This is a specialist product for application to a variety of soft plastics. It was originally developed for painting flexible curtain sides’ on lorry trailers. This is supplied in1 litre tins and this is the smallest quantity we can make. We can also put it into aerosols. 1 litre of HMG PVC 94 makes 5 aerosols.

Synthetic Paint Aerosols 

Tend to be used for more industrial applications, such as machine maintenance, or pipework. Synthetic finishes give better corrosion protection than cellulose and better resistance to solvents and oils. The downside is that they are slower drying – taking up to an hour to touch dry. Also they do not adhere as well to powder as cellulose. We stock a limited range of Rustoleum Hard Hat ready mixed colours, together with a some very good anti-corrosive primers and galvanised finishes. Many of the paints we make and sell can be put into an aerosol can: our industrial enamels and primers, HMG Speedline and Fleet Polyurethane and on the decorative side, Little Greene oil eggshell. However, we cannot put water thinned or 2 pack paints into aerosols. 

Order Quantities - Synthetic Paint Aersols

The smallest amount of paint we can make in these products is 1 litre, which is enough paint to make 5 aerosols. Therefore the minimum order for synthetic paint in aerosols is 5 cans. However a mixed order of paint with some being taken out of the can to fill an aerosol is a different matter. it is possible, for example to buy 1 litre of oil eggshell with eg 2 aerosols containing some of that paint. This is a great way to mix brushing onto your trim with a perfect spray paint match for radiators and pipework.

Order Lead-Time

Making cellulose paint and filling aerosols is done in our factory.  If you would like a colour made up or some paint put into an aerosol then please allow one working day for us to make it and check it.Please ring our sales office on 01453 882237  or email sales@bailey paints.co.uk if you would like more information.

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