Quick-Drying Wood Primer Undercoat

A water-based, high opacity, dual purpose primer undercoat which is recoatable within 2 hours.

  • Coverage: 13m² per litre
  • For woodwork, fibre hardboard, fibre insulating board and chipboard
  • Excellent adhesion and opacity
  • Fast drying
  • Combined primer and undercoat

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Wood Primer

A general purpose solvent-based primer for use on all types of softwoods and hardwoods, inside and outside.

  • Coverage: 15m² per litre
  • Interior/Exterior
  • For use on both hardwoods and softwoods
  • Seals the surface to provide excellent adhesion
  • Solvent based

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Aluminium Wood Primer

An aluminium pigmented primer for use on all types of wood and aged creosoted or bitumen coated surfaces. 

  • Coverage: 17m² per litre
  • Overcoatable after 16-24 hours. Allow 24 for aged creosote or bitumen coated surfaces
  • Interior or exterior
  • Use on resinous timber 
  • Use on surfaces that are liable to bleed through a paint system eg aged cresote/bitumen

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Alkali Resisting Primer

A solvent- based primer particularly suitable for use on new, dry walls and ceilings that may contain alkalis. 

  • Coverage: 9m² per litre
  • Can be used as a primer on new, dry, interior plaster and masonry
  • Also can be used as a primer for surfaces treated with fire retardant chemicals
  • Seals tobacco stains and smoke damage

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Stain Block +

A water based 2-in -1 problem solving primer, that seals and binds surfaces as well as blocks common stains.

  • Coverage: 14m² per litre
  • Seals powdery, dry and friable surfaces, including limewash and distemper
  • Blocks stains caused by water, ink, smoke damage, grease etc
  • For plaster surfaces

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