An exterior quality emulsion paint based on an all acrylic resin. It contains a fungicide to inhibit mould growth on the paint film and help it stay cleaner for longer. It is particularly suitable for use in changeable weather and is shower resistant in only 30 minutes after application.

Application Information  

On smooth surfaces of low porosity e.g., rendering: 14-16m² per litre On textured surfaces of low porosity e.g., pebbledash: 4-6m² per litre. These figures are only an approximate guide due to the variation of different building surfaces and may be reduced.
Touch dry
30 minutes dependent upon temperature / humidity
2-4 hours. These times will be significantly longer in cold, damp conditions.
Brush or roller application: for sealing new or bare surfaces, 1 part clean water to 5 parts paint. For normal use: thinning should not exceed 1 part clean water to 10 parts paint.

Key Benefits  

  • Smooth formulation resists dirt retention.
  • Up to 15 years protection.
  • Shower resistant in just 30 minutes.
  • Contains a fungicide and algicide to resist disfiguring surface growths.
  • Contain a unique ICI acrylic resin for optimum protection.

System Information

To get the best results make sure allow all new surfaces to dry out completely. Wash down previously painted surfaces with a detergent solution to remove dirt, grease, chalking paint etc. where practicable. Rinse off with clean water and allow to dry. Carefully scrape back to a firm edge all areas of poorly adhering or defective coatings and rub down thoroughly to 'key and feather' broken edges of existing coatings.

The normal finishing process is 2 full coats of Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint, but on previously painted surfaces in good condition, where similar colours are used, 1 coat may be sufficient.

After use, remove as much paint as possible from brushes before cleaning with clean water.


Brand: Dulux Trade Weathershield

Size: 5L

Type: Top Coat

Coverage: 4-16m2 /L

Overcoat Time: 2-4 hours

This is a bespoke product and therefore is non-returnable

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£69.66Ex. VAT: £58.05

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