Weathershield Preservative Primer+ (BP) penetrates deep into wood to seal and preserve against water damage, decay and blue stain fungi. Guaranteed to provide 8 yearweathering durability, when used as part of the full Weathershield exterior paint system.

Application Information

5m² per litre
Touch dry
Up to 24hrs
Allow the previous coat to sink in before applying the next.
Do not thin this product

Key Benefits  

  • Dulux Trade Weathershield Preservative Primer+ (BP) penetrates deep into wood to seal and preserve against water damage, guaranteed to provide 8 year weathering durability when used as part of the full Weathershield system.

System Information

Surfaces must be sound, clean and dry before treating. Remove all loose and defective coatings, if necessary stripping backto bare wood. Remove and treat any mould, algae, lichen or moss with *Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash. Remove defective glazing material, clean the rebates and any loose or open joints.Replace any rotten wood and troublesome knots with new timber. Thoroughly rub down all surfaces to remove any grey,weathered wood and surface sheen from remaining coatings, and then dust off (refer to your COSHH Assessment).Apply 1 or 2 coats of an appropriate knotting Solution to any remaining knots. Mix the Weathershield Preservative Primer+(BP) thoroughly by shaking the container. Pour out a sufficient amount of primer for the job into a suitable container. Do notuse direct from the can or return any unused primer to the container.Do not thin. Prime all bare wood with 2 coats of Weathershield Preservative Primer+ (BP) including any new or barereplacement beading. Apply second coat as soon as the first coat has soaked in. This typically takes 2-6 hours. Do not allow first coat to fully dry before applying the second coat as this will reduce penetration into the wood and prolong total dryingtime. Allow 16 hours for second coat to dry.Excess primer should be wiped off surrounding paintwork. Prime any bare metal with 1 coat of Dulux Trade Metal Primer.Fill any surface defects, open joints etc. with an appropriate filler and replace any missing glazing material with a suitableglazing compound.New joinery is often factory primed using a stain basecoat (also called a dual-purpose primer). These materials quicklyerode when left exposed and may need to be re-primed.


Brand: Dulux Trade Weathershield

Size: 2.5L

Type: Preservative

Coverage: 5m2 /L

Overcoat Time: 16-24 hours

Dulux Trade Weathershield Preservative Primer + 2.5L header image

£59.63Ex. VAT: £49.69

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