321 Emulsion

A good quality, environmentally friendly, domestic matt emulsion for all interior living spaces.

  • Based exclusively on natural ingredients
  • Excellent micro-porous characteristics
  • Impressive array of natural colours based on earth and mineral pigments
  • Carbon neutral, environmentally friendly


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124 Primer

A water based transparent wood primer.

  • Interior or Exterior
  • Use prior to 253 Undercoat on bare wood
  • Covers approx 16m²/L
  • Appears milky at first but dries to a clear finish




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191 Thinner

An all purpose citrus thinner made from 100% pure orange oil.

  • Eco answer to white spirit
  • Use to thin auro products
  • Use as a cleaner for brushes and other utensils
  • Powerful solvent but nice smell



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234 Natural Metal Primer

A solvent based metal primer for interior and exterior use.

  • Contains citrus terpenes
  • Red oxide anti corrosive treatment
  • Suitable under 257 Radiator paint, and Auro's matt/silk or gloss finishes



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253 Undercoat

Solvent free white undercoat for wood.

  • Use between 124 Wood Primer and 250/260 topcoats
  • Water based
  • Covers approx 12.5m²/L




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412 Mould Eliminator

Natural peroxide and vinegar based anti-mould product.

  • Non caustic, chlorine free
  • Sutiable for tiles, walls, wood and plastic
  • Easy to use 500ml spraygun
  • First step in permanent mould removal
  • Follow up with 413 Mould Stop to remove permanently



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413 Mould Stop

Natural peroxide based anti-mould product.

  • Stops mould growth in window recesses, bathrooms and high condensation areas
  • Also suitable for wood and tiles
  • Treat stubborn areas with 412 Mould Eliminator first
  • Easy to use 500ml spraygun





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