Barrettine Genuine Turpentine

Traditional thinner for varnishes and oils.

  • Traditional thinner
  • Used for varnishes, artist oils and others
  • Dissolves polish components, beeswax & more

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Barrettine Methylated Spirit

A thinner used for shellac based products

  • Used for thinning French polish and other shellac based products
  • Suitable for cleaning brushes after using knotting
  • Great at cleaning glassware

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Barrettine White Spirit

A thinner used for most modern solvent based paints.

  • Less odour than traditional white spirit
  • Suitable for working indoors and in confined spaces
  • Ideal for cleaning brushes after using modern solvent based paints

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Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinner

A thinner formulated specially for Hammerite paints

  • For cleaning brushes and spills.
  • Removes dirt, grim, salt and loose rust.
  • The only thinner suitable for Hammerite Metal Paint.

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Rustins Cellulose Thinner

A thinner used for all cellulose based paint

  • A blend of pure solvents that will mix with any make of cellulose lacquer
  • Doesn’t contain any petroleum derivative

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