• Additve for waterborne coatings : emulsions, acrylics, vinyls
  • Improves paint flow and workability.
  • Minimises paint streaks and roller misses.
  • Increases open time and eases application.
  • Ideal for special effects.
  • Avoids brush marks especially in warm, sunny and windy conditions.
  • Eases and improves spray application.
    • Offers greater flexibility of application.
    • Reduces spray pressure by up to 20 %
    • Reduces overspray – Less paint waste.
    • Prevents tip clogging and piston freeze
    • Lubricates moving parts - reduces wear and tear.


  • FLOETROL is an additive specially formulated for use with water-based paints and woodstains, it makes them work and feel like an oil-based paint. Added to any water-based paint, FLOETROL increases the open time, improves workability and eliminates brush marks and roller misses.


  • Prepare surface as per instructions on the paint can.
  • Apply paint in normal manner
  • If paint sets up too fast, drags, or does not level properly add FLOETROL until the paint works smoothly and easily.
  • Brush or roller : add between 7-15% per litre of paint
  • HVLP & Cup Gun Spray : Add 5-10% per litre of paint to achieve the desired consistency and flow. If paint seems to thicken, add a tablespoon of water per litre of paint to thin.
  • Airless spray : add 10% per litre of paint.
  • Special effects : add 20-25 % per litre of paint
  • Do not add FLOETROL to alkyd or oil based paints, including glycerophtalic paints.
  • Do not use in clear acrylic varnish.
  • Always test for compatibilty; Ensure Floetrol is well mixed in.


Brand: Owatrol

Size: 1L

Type: Problem Solving Primer

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£21.49Ex. VAT: £17.91

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