paint making

We make all our own-brand industrial and decorative paint here in Stroud. We make a wide range of products for other companies as toll manufacture.

Everything starts in the lab. We are constantly improving, keeping up with the latest resin technology, and looking at opacity and colour quality. We make paint in mixers and mills for bulk supply and fast turn-around smaller orders.

Our finishes are filtered and decanted into either our own-brand can stock, large drums, or customers' own label (cans with your brand on for resale). Batches are tested for colour, viscosity and drying before dispatch.

We make up to 1000 Litre batches of:

  • Fast drying, single pack spray primers and topcoats
  • Floor paint
  • Primers, contract, vinyl and acrylic matt emulsions and silks
  • Solvent-based paints and finishes
  • Water-based paints and finishes

It is quite possible for us to make bespoke paint types, colours, sheen levels and also to toll-manufacture on behalf of clients. This can be production using your own formulations, production from our formulations and product branded as yours, or even development work to make entirely bespoke paints and finishes to match your requirements. Please contact us and ask for more details.